The music of Arden Snow is a pleasing blend of haunting, memorable melodies with stories that have an honest simplicity that travel everywhere from calm to emotional

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The Stars Are Aligning

My new album, Intervention is now available. You can check it out at linktr/ee.arden_snow

I just finished updating Violet Dreams with a new singer, Beatriz Kelly who kills it on the song! 

Music video for Violet Dreams to be coming soon. 


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Arden, just heard your tune, "Hello", sweet Dude!! That you playing Guitar, if are Pretty Damn Hot!! Nice Rifts!
5 Stars....Art Corey......

2 Replies
Arden Snow
6 days ago

Hey Art,

Thanks for checking out the song. Yes, that's me lol. All of my songs are me. Super appreciated! I uploaded 4 new tracks (I think lol) you should check out the one called "Please. I think you will dig it. Thanks again!

Arden Snow
6 days ago

With the exception of Beatriz on Violet Dreams lol.

I enjoy listening to your well-crafted tunes!
Thanks so much for listening to "Feels Like October", "Another World", and "Until We Meet Again". I appreciate the support and stars.
Jeana P

1 Replies
Arden Snow
4 weeks ago

Thank you so much! Yea, I absolutely LOVED until we meet again. And of course!

Bob Bentley
4 weeks ago to Arden Snow

Hi Arden,
Thanks for the stars on Only Getting High, much appreciated.

1 Replies
Arden Snow
4 weeks ago

Hi Bob,

Of course! I enjoyed the listen!

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