Justin Turk describes himself as a "Singer songwriter with a positive message." A Palm Coast FL based musician whose music evokes classic rock artis such as the Beatles and Tom Petty, Justin Turk adds a modern, upbeat edge to the pop rock persona by adding folk country undertones. An avid performer, He has gained recognition from extensive touring in a number of states along the East Coast, USA. 

What makes Justin Turk's music different from others is the fact that Justin is not afraid to take risks with his music.  He understands how to express himself through his lyricism, his unmatched vocals, and he teaches audiences worldwide to take pride in the fact that their emotions are complex. Therefore, it is alright to struggle with them. Infusing rhythmic beats with powerful vocals elevates his music to a level that it becomes the medium for the cathartic that his fans have always longed for. 

Sounds Like: Jason Mraz, Keith Urban

Latest News

My song "Passion" has been nominated for "Song of the Year" for the 2022 SSA Music Awards. See the link below for voting!



over 30 days ago to Justin Turk

Hey Justin, I've got a new song you may be interested in......a good track and I have a scratch vocal. here lyrics and a link to the track....https://www.broadjam.com/s ongs/skyhighmusiclabs/gentle-goodby e-bed-7123-5. it has not been mastered Big Old Rock
(I'm Good For One More) (Mississippi Nights)(Gentle Goodbye)

We were just kids, on a summer hike
Took a rest, by a big old rock
We carved these words, I love you forever,
We never thought, at the time, It would have, such meaning

That our love would ,grow to be, As strong as that, big old rock
And every year ,we both return, To that rock, to read those words
And carve a little deeper, I love you forever
I love you forever ,like it's carved in that big old rock

Those words are as good today, As they were back then
And that big old rock reminds us, Of the undying love between us
When the time comes, we can't return, Others will wonder, who it was

When they find, that big old rock, They'll feel the love, carved in stone
For ages to come, that big old rock, Will be found again, and again
And those words, I'll love you forever, Forever carved in stone
The weather and the years pass by, But that rock remains steady

That big old rock ,holds a special place, that big old rock, etched in our hearts
I love you forever, hmmmmm, Carved in stone
Strangers will find those words
And wonder who it was......

over 30 days ago to Justin Turk

Justin! Passion! Loved it!

over 30 days ago to Justin Turk

Justin, Here is the track..Like I said this lyric idea can work, if edited for this track....of course it will be remixed etc after vocal.....If it turns out to be a real winner, we can always "send out" for a better mix etc.... Marvin
https://www.broadjam.com/songs/skyh ighmusiclabs/id-give-it-all-up-bed- 524

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