Hello, my name is Mary Segato; I am a songwriter living in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
I started writing and recording my music in 2010. I do not consider myself a singer, so I have various different artists sing my songs. Most of my songs would be considered Adult Contemporary, although I do write country and folk as well. I hope you enjoy the music :)

Latest News

Just received great news from Dale Kawashima founder of Songwriter Universe saying my song "Don't Give Up On Me" was chosen as the winning song for February 2015.

Happy to say that I recently won IMSTA FESTA Toronto! It was great to meet everyone there! And thank you to everyone who supported me and helped me get there:)

Happy that both of my songs "Don't Give Up On Me" and "Wishing" made the semi-finals in the UK.


Douglas Amell
over 30 days ago to Mary Segato

Thanks so much Mary for the 5-stars for "Aching Beauty" :-)

over 30 days ago to Mary Segato

What a lovey song

Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago to Mary Segato

How are you, young lady? Hope the summer is being good to you? Did you submit to the Toronto event this year? Hope so.

Adam Avery took "all the marbles" and will be heady to Greece in October. Great, great writer...very deserving. Anyway, hope all is well.


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Mary Segato
over 30 days ago

Hello Chet! Good to hear from you:) Summer sun is always good... Although not one of my better summers...a bit too hectic! Hope yours was good. Yes I did submit this year not too long ago. I guess it's a good way to get some feedback on a song which can be helpful. Although I found this contest not very organized. Adam will have fun I'm sure. I assume you entered as well... Good luck Chet!

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