I am not a professionally-trained musician - I taught myself to play some instruments. For that reason, I keep my music simple, and I focus on good lyrics; some people even call it "poetry set to music". I like laid-back, easy-going rock songs, as well as emotionally charged romantic rock songs. I like songs that tell a story in first person with a theme that everyone can relate to.

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My son Nikita is 3 months old today! Happy Birthday! :)

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Growing up in Riga, Latvia (formally the USSR) and now residing in Long Beach California for the past twelve years, Maxim Senin learned early on the value of learning to play and perform music. With both parents playing the piano it was their desire to give him a solid musical education, and for him to understand and appreciate music; learning with classical music training. When he was in the first grade, his parents got him a violin, but he quickly lost interest. They attempted to teach Maxim the piano. The problem was that the family was poor and could not afford a piano for him to practice on. While in the fourth grade, his parents bought him a clarinet which he learned how to play classical and jazz relatively well. At this point, Maxim's interest in music subsided. It wasn't until college when many of his friends played music and were in bands that his interest in music was once again peaked. Since then he has not looked back and continues to write and perform music.
A software engineer by trade, and also a private pilot, Maxim Senin's love for music is now a large part of his life and is deeply engraved in his daily thoughts and actions. His preference in music is laid-back rock and a touch of folk with an emphasis on his lyrical composition. Choosing love and love triangles as themes for his music and songs, betrayal and unanswered love looms over and is easily detected in his sound. Aside from love tragically gone wrong, Maxim has a great appreciation for songs that are reflective, with a twist and plot in the story line, and that have hope and humor in them. His music comes both from what he observes around him and emotions within that is vented through his lyrics and musical composition.
Citing influences such as Mark Knopfler, J.J. Cale, and Eric Clapton, Maxim finds himself inspired by the likes of Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Sting, and Roxette while also enjoying the music of other icon artists like Coldplay, Duran Duran, U2, The Who, Grateful dead, and Oasis. Although at this stage in his music career, Maxim has not really played any high profile arena type performances mainly because that's not really his thing. "I'm not a big fan of large crowds", states Maxim, I also think that my music, at least at the moment, is to be heard by people on their couches or in their cars, not 10,000-seat stadiums. Although, if I had one dream I'd like to fulfill, I wouldn't mind playing a duet with Clapton or Sting".
As a multi-instrumentalist, Maxim played every instrument on his debut EP release "The Taming of the Wolf" including the acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, harmonica, keyboard, and all percussions. Maxim has great aspirations for the success of the new release. When asked if he could retain his artistic integrity with increased commercial success he replied with no hesitation, "I think yes. I'm open-minded about learning from other artists and listening to friends' advice, but at the same time I think I am on the way of developing my own unique style. That doesn't mean, however, that this style won't evolve over time".
With his debut EP release The "Taming of the Wolf", Maxim Senin has only just begun. He has plans to promote the record vigorously and hopes to release a full length album by the end of 2012. The Taming of the Wolf is available for sale at CD Baby and by digital download on iTunes along with many other online distribution outlets. For more information on this innovative emerging artist you can listen to his music, and download songs at http://www.facebook.com/MaximSenin.Music.

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Two more great tunes: Tarantula and Old Shoe Box (instrumental Irish lilt)!
Norb Studelska

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Shao Ying LOW
over 30 days ago

Congrats for Malibu. A very lovely composition. I like it. :-)

I just listened to your piece: Malibu; very nice composition.
Regards Norb Studelska

Charles 'KIZZO' Kizzee
over 30 days ago to Maxim Senin

The lyrics are meaningful, yet has humor. The way he explains each person from his past is interesting. Iimagine there are a lot of people (male & female) who wish they could think that fast.

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