I perform incredibly heavy on the melody of a song; my work pertains to predominantly orchestral and electronic, in mid-to-fast paced tempos, though very open and capable of creating in other musical dimensions. I can create music very quickly, if need be. For example, my song, "Hakon" took two days to complete, "Spy" took less than a day, and my song, "Halpert" took less than 6 hours. I do not work with other artists, and the music is 100% owned by I.

PS: I am taking requests for exclusive work tailored to provider needs.

Sounds Like: Excision, Judas Priest

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My name is Tyler Miller and I come from Detroit, Michigan. I was in an accident when I was ten - let's call it my origin story - hit by a speeding 18-wheeler semi truck on the highway. I sustained several concussions and a traumatic brain injury. I was told i wasn't ever going to pass the sixth grade. Now, I'm 23, I've graduated and I'm finding my passion in music. I can create many different genres of music, at all different kinds of tempos. Please feel free to contact me! Have a good day.


Ante Novaselic
over 30 days ago to Tyler Miller

Hi Tyler. Thanks for the very spot on review of my mini song Sick Boy. The song came about a couple of years ago because I was asked if I could come up with a stop and go type of riff that also had some subtle orchestral elements supporting the riff. Not heavy on the melody and under 2 minutes. That was the song I came up with and submitted. They liked it and used it in a project they were doing at the time. 10 hours of fun work. You can't beat that with a stick!!!
Thx again Tyler.
Gonna take a listen to your stuff

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Clean Clean

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