I am a professional Songwriter/Lyricist. I have a catalog filled with material in several genres. My producers, musicians, engineers, recording artists, etc. are all in the film or music industry. I myself, have been in the film and music industry for 35+ years with credits. My passion lies in being a creative addition to the craft I love; songwriting and collaboration. My music video originals are available as well. I have a varied selection of many genres from Pop/Electronic, Contemporary Country/Rock, R&B/Soul, Christian and all in between! Let me take your project musically to the top!

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https://youtu.be/GY9pgzLDupo (Sample Music Production)

Sounds Like: John Mayer, Nick Ray

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*  https://www.dailymusicroll.com/video/listen-to-changed-your-mind-by-vicki-johnson-and-joe-bills-to-experience-musical-brilliance.html

*  https://www.issuewire.com/johnson-ray-are-taking-their-music-and-production-to-another-level-1735923092284158

*  https://spinninrecords.com/talentpool/artist/valeen/track/2023-01-come-on-back

Vicki V. Johnson

Vicki "Valeen" Johnson was born in Houston, Texas, and has been an active member of the film and music industry collectively for 30+ years. She began her career as a Public Relations Specialist in 1981 with various political, entertainment, and corporate credits to her name. Johnson toured back in the 80's with National Recording Artists and Public Figures, as well as maintaining her status as a songwriter, poet, and speech writer. She eventually joined the IATSE 600 International Camera Guild as an accomplished Senior Publicist. Breaking temporarily from the touring circuit in 1989, after her daughter Jacqueline was born, she pursued her education in Emergency Medicine, and to date has film credit titles as Key Set Paramedic, Special Effects Medic, Stunt Medic, Studio Medic, Construction Medic, Unit Medic, and Technical Advisor under a Licensed Paramedic credential. Over the years, Johnson has gained reputable business relations and clients that have been with her since the 80's, of which her credits and accolades prove favorable. More recently, Johnson became a Published Christian Author with a book entitled "Remembrances From The Heart" with Salem Communications Publishing. Her book has reached Regional, National, and International distribution. Johnson continues to independently contract with National Recording Artists and Talents, assign as Travel Writer, work on film projects, write and co-write songs, and co-produce events. Her associated memberships include; IATSE 478 in Louisiana, the IATSE 600 International Camera Guild, The International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance, Who's Who in America, and the Outstanding Young Women of America.


Hi Vicky,
Want to thank you for the review of "Fun Outside". It was just a quick idea that I needed to put down for future reference. Yeah, Jazz is not the biggest seller on Bjam, but it's where my muse is most comfortable. Sounds like you've got a good handle on this biz...will check out some of your work in a bit.

Bill a.k.a. Mr. Bill

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Hello Mr. Bill,
Your quick ideas are sure solid! I respect your craft, and even though my insight is limited on the production side, I absolutely love the genre. Have been listening to the likes of Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, etc. for years. Jazz Fusion/Funk if you will. Anyway, thank you for wanting to check my work and for the new friendship....Vicki

Bill Dake
over 30 days ago

Hi Vicky,
Bela Fleck ( Victor Wooten on bass ) got me thinkin' in different directions many years ago. Jazz has taken on many variations in the last 30 years. If you get a chance, I've posted a new tune on Bjam "Pale Vanilla Moon" you might like. Got some folks in Nashville who are promoting it.

Mr. Bill

Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Bill....Oh yes I agree with you...jazz has expanded its horizons immensely! It still lends the smooth and classy touch on music in general though. Regal; if I might say. Nice work on Pale Vanilla Moon! I do like it! So glad you have some Nashville support on promoting it...I hope it reaches the masses for you...

Vicky, Thank you for the positive review of "Got A Minute"

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You are so welcome! Vicki

Thank you for kind comments and score in "Storm Of Days". Very appreciated.

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My pleasure Steve...

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