a girl named jaen's (agnj) award winning songs are undeniably honest, vulnerable and strong. On her debut opus DUSK, agnj blended these qualities together seamlessly with an impressive recording that coupled modern electronic sound-scapes with acoustic instrumentation and compelling lyrics with infectious hooks.

agnj has carried through with a rockin version of that same signature sound encompassing deep lyrics and memorable hooks on her upcoming Sophmore album "Gloss". STAY TUNED....

agnj's award winning songs have been featured in critically acclaimed independent feature films, popular prime-time t.v. and numerous internet sites.

Latest News

Summer/Fall of 2018 - Collaborating with indie artist Lisa Danaë on a 5 song single release campaign from Summer of 2018 through Winter of 2019. 1st relase "The End Of The Line" avalable now!

GLOSS - the album available now from most audio platforms.

NOV 2007 - agnj takes 1st PLACE in the 1st Can & 3RD OVERALL in a hard fought 6-PACK Competition this year!

OCTOBER 2007 agnj WINS! Bjam - Soundtrack Contest For Sept.r '07: For the song "Gloss"

Press Info

"'Dusk,' by a girl named jaen is not your standard singer/songwriter album. Full of electronic effects and tape loops, shimmering strings (as well as a host of other organic instruments) and set to rhythms that are sometimes closer to hip hop than folk, jaen has created a stunning work that is extroverted and introverted, atmospheric and sensual, moody and popping."
- Paul Andersen - Pasadena Star News

"On a girl named jaen's debut album Dusk if you get no further then the opener 'Freaks' and its throbbing techno-rock assault, you'll assume jaen is following a trail that the band Garbage has mapped. But then the affecting ballad 'Disappear' comes on and the artist's gifts begin to emerge more clearly. The song reminds of Nelly Furtado in the vocal inflections which elevates every song on this disc."
- Music Connection Magazine

" I have listened to your CD Dusk at least three times already. It's beautiful! 'Disappear' is the fav! What a song!"
- Dirk Dutton Sunset Strip Radio

Similar Artists

Alanis Morisette, Madonna, Garbage, Sneaker Pimps, Kate Bush, Nelly Furtado


Everything and anything. Loves all kinds of music but tends to gravitate the deeper and darker and/or experimental.


Sometimes, an artist comes along whose music combines undeniable honesty and sophistication, introspection and accessibility, vulnerability and strength. a girl named jaen blends these qualities together seamlessly on her debut opus DUSK, an impressive recording that couples modern electronic soundscapes with acoustic instrumentation, and compelling lyrics with infectious hooks.

Although a girl named jaen's sound can be described as juxtaposing Madonna's melodic sensibilities with Alanis Morissette's raw emotion, at times echoing Shirley Manson's sensual coolness and an underground Sneaker Pimps feel, her signature sound definitely stands alone, remarkably fresh and interesting. Says the seasoned vocalist/songwriter, "I wanted to make an album on my own terms, to have fun musically while exploring lyrical themes that were important or interesting to me. And to embrace some issues that most people have trouble even acknowledging."

a girl named jaen's songs and works written for and co-written with other artists have been featured in critically acclaimed independent feature films, t.v. and on the web.


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David Watson
over 30 days ago to a girl named jaen

Great song. Very beautiful, smooth, powerful, sexy, strong voice!! Excellent song!!

Richard Tull
over 30 days ago to a girl named jaen

Great cover of "Girls on Film", Jaen!

2 Replies
a girl named jaen
over 30 days ago

Hi Richard thanks so much!!! keep Rockin!

a girl named jaen
over 30 days ago

Hi Richard - thank you!!!!

a girl named jaen
over 30 days ago to a girl named jaen


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