The 10 songs of MUSE OF ISIS VOL. 1 was inspired contemplating the divine life of the ancient Goddess Isis and belief that the divine life never dissipates but only reincarnates forever through time. It was said that Isis had all feminine divine powers in the world, and was thought to be more influential than all the other gods. Now she has influences in the modern form of art and music in this collection of songs all written & produced by Jared Johnson, with cover and lyric video art modeled by the statuesque international basketball star Isis Thorpe. The entire album is radio friendly, however the smooth sexual healing vibe of FREE THE FEELING, the reggae tinged CHOCOLATE WINE, AND the enchanting TAKE ME AWAY are suggested singles. The lead track is a heartfelt acoustic ballad BEAUTIFUL TO ME, other tracks the Babyface laced soul ballad IN THE MORN, the spiritual PRAYER FOR US, the reverent SOMEWHERE HIGHER, the Sade sexy GOLDEN NIGHT , the inspirational LIKE THE WIND, and the comforting IN THE NAME OF LOVE complete this iconic bundle of art & music.


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