Arcane Studios is a recording company out of Rochester, NY. We currently record, mix & master, and promote local artists. This page will display the works of various artists on our label.

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Currently now working with a new Hard Rock group.


Arcanum originally started under the name "NI25" back in 2002. At the time, the project was more of an Industrial/Noise act bringing combining harsh abrasive leads with heavy upbeat drums.

NI25 had a short journey with live shows performing in Buffalo, Rochester, and Toronto, ON. Live shows were ended due to the fact that it was difficult to find a reliable live keyboardist and the solo artist essentially went back to being "studio-only".

Soon after, NI25 was dead and reborn under the name "Arcanum". The style of Arcanum still holds some dark vibes, but the sounds are much less abrasive and more calming. The project made an obvious change from heavy and aggressive to more chilled and dark, but continues to maintain that "evil" tone to most of the tracks.

Arcane Studios

Welcome to Arcane Studios on BroadJam! We are a small audio recording/mastering service out of Rochester, NY. We specialize in underground electronic music, but also have experience in other genres such as Rock/Metal and Hip Hop.

Have a listen to some of our music and be sure to check out our website to view more work!


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