I enjoy making music and I began producing approximately 17 years ago. I largely make instrumentals, but occasionally add vocals into the mix. My primary genre is probably Funk, but I love all music and I am happy to experiment with a variety of genres.

Latest News

I recently completed my fourth Funky album called 'Funk247'.

I made a Disco-dance-funk-house track called 'Into You' and made a video to accompany it.

Feisty Funk Fanatic

Funk is my first love and since I've been making music that is the main genre that I've chosen.


Mark Tha Shark
over 30 days ago to eshar

I really enjoyed your music. Thank you for your review of "Uncon Blue" You can hear more of my works and other artists I have worked with at http://www.myspace.com/markthashark1 Feel free to leave a comment!

over 30 days ago to eshar

Giving in to the Funk Fever. New tracks and videos to come :)

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