Straight out the Krissak in AB CANADA!!!

I am a upcoming rapper who started kicking raps for fun as a child and never believed I was any good.
I got my start on Fruity Loops Studio 7 and only knew how to make sound effects xD
After watching my neechi cousins songs on the radio I Was hooked to music ever since.

A lot of my beats couldn't really do much for anyone at first and I just fooled around with the program.
Over time I got good at freestyle rapping and decided to get a condensor mic to fuel my hobby.
At the time you couldn't just put your music on apple music unless you had some kind of credit card.
Now there are many ways to achieve this and the possiblities are almost endless...

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It's out it's out! The new playlist is out! "Chart-Topping Edmonton Artists" is now live and "She Don't Know" is at the top ! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT Link: https://bit.ly/2IxFpki
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Jenny Woo
over 30 days ago to Lil Krazy

Hey I like your stuff and I'm also from Alberta. I would like to hire you for a track. I have the lyrics and I have an idea for the samples, I want something a bit more boom bap. could you email me at subculturespirit@hotmail.com?

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