Rex Niemand

Rex Niemand

Rex (Tony Tersmette), composer, born in the Netherlands, presently calling the greater Binghamton, NY area his home turf. Musical influences range from bop to rock to classical. A guitarist/vocalist originally, who herewith seeks to grow his creative capacity far beyond the inherent limitations of these skills. A few of his latest creations are represented here. He hopes to add more in the near future. Correspondence is most welcome!

Latest News

Latest news

My instrumental Peanut Soup is a Finalist in the 2023 UK Songwriting Contest. Thank you, UKSC!


"Tony Tersmette really hits it out of the park with his track Blue Chalk[in']. He builds on the synth pop of the past but definitely takes the song to a place in the future. A solid production and well thought out electric composition." -- Jason Miles, pro reviewer.


My composition "Chanson Sans Paroles" won First Place in the Instrumental category of the 22nd Annual Great American Song Contest. Thank you, GASC!


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Bill Dake
1 week ago to Rex Niemand

Thanks for the 5's for "Scorcher" and "It Must Be Raining". Gotta get back to both of them someday, as usual.
"Happy-Go-Lucky" is a gas, man! 5's for sure.
Thanks for the follows on my Facebook music page, just gettin' started with expanding my reach. Will be submitting stuff to some other music sites soon. Working with a friend/producer/teacher/jazz trumpet player in Nashville who knows this biz.
So far the sync thing hasn't worked out, seems my production skills aren't up to the task and my voice isn't pop enough...


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Rex Niemand
6 days ago

I haven't yet listened to everything you have out there but I will eventually. Virtually everything I have heard so far has something instructive in it for me and that automates five star ratings.
My Happy-Go-Lucky is a sort of 'popular music' attempt. Overly synthy perhaps? Will see how that plays out, ever tweaking.
Thank you as well, sir, and stay well and creative!

Rex Niemand
6 days ago

Oh yeah, wanted to mention I have a presence on Bandcamp now, tho I have much still to learn about it, how to use it..

over 30 days ago to Rex Niemand

Hi Rex.....just listened to your tune"PEANUT SOUP".....outstanding!!! it. I've always loved jazz! I have an extensive background in jazz and have to say it's my #1. listen!!! I've become a fan! IMO- this is "REAL MUSIC". You need to be on the famous GRP label right up there with the best! Wishing you continued success!!!
TK(Tony Keys)-BroGreede

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Rex Niemand
over 30 days ago

Hey Bro!! First off, thank you soo much for the listens and starz for my tunes a few days ago. Sorry for late reply, i've been sick (sniff, cough) but gradually improving. Will absolutely become acquainted with your stuff. Yeah, jazz definitely in my blood. Back at ya soon, and thanks again!!
Tony, aka "Rex"

Hi Rex,
Hey, thanks so much for the 5 Star rating on "I Got Nothin' "... I appreciate you stopping by and having a listen! I'm so glad you liked it.

While I'm here, I'll have a listen to some of your stuff again... it's been a while.

Thanks again!


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