The music of Arden Snow is a pleasing blend of haunting, memorable melodies with stories that have an honest simplicity that travel everywhere from calm to emotional

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The Stars Are Aligning

Everything is now completely finished for the album. I am super excited for this release! 11/24/23

0 - Prelude 
1 - the crowd
2 - it’s just right 
3 - reap what you sow
4 - simple man 
5 - cure 
6 - broken bones 
7 - rise or fall 
8 - forced to run 
9 - Violet dreams
10 - calypso 
11- the phantom
12- epilogue

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Chet Nichols
2 weeks ago to Arden Snow

Hey Buddy,

Thanks for the fun review of my instrumental, "Hollywood Strut". It IS an instrumental version of my song with lyrics, "Hollywood, Hollywood"..... which I INSIST you find at my site, grab the earphones and joy. You gonna diiiiiiiggg it! Best, Chet Nichols

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Arden Snow
2 weeks ago

Sure I'll def check it out. I look forward to hearing and I'll let you know what I think once I listen. Take Care, Arden.

Chet Nichols
2 weeks ago

Keep on grooving! By the way, "Hollywood, Hollywood" was inspired by Don Henley of Eagles...

Warren Hein
3 weeks ago to Arden Snow

Thank you Arden for the stars on Better Than Real, and the personal comments you sent--much appreciated!
Stay safe,

3 weeks ago to Arden Snow

Hey Arden thanks so much for the listen and the stars for "The Picture" Long history with that one as it's the first real song I ever wrote. haha Thanks again my friend and best of luck with the album release. Scott

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Arden Snow
3 weeks ago

Hi Scott,

Of course! Thank you for sharing! Arden

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