I am a humble musician who has performed in cover bands across the United States and the carribbean sea. I've decided it's time to start sharing my compositions with the world. Fried pickles and skyr are my jam. My main influences range from the jazz greats of yesteryear to the electronic greats of today. I also have a affinity for progressive rock and old school punk.

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I've been releasing new music monthly! Soundcloud is my homebase. Currently I am busy recording music and creating beats.

Beginnings of the Toad

The toad had a humble beginning. He has played professionally for 11 years in many different cover bands across the east coast and the Caribbean. Finally tired of playing in bars he has decided to pursue his own music. His favorite snacks are skyr with granola, pumpkin pie, the hard blocks of fruit pie, and port wine of any year and any kind. The toad is heavily influenced by all of the music around him, but if he had to pick favorites he would choose Weather Report, Joshua Redman, Horace Silver, Meshuggah, System of a Down, John Abercrombie, Any snes soundtrack, Tool, and Soundgarden.

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Thanks so much for your taking the time to review and comment on my song "Donald's Swing Set". That's one of my older ones out there.

I appreciate your positive/helpful comments. I'll check-out some of your music soon.

Thanks again and be well!


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