Warren Hein is a versatile songwriter emphasising creative and smart lyrics, whether the song tells a story or is a lyrical "snapshot" of life.  Hein has a love for unique melodies regardless of the genre. His music has appeared on TV programs including Toddlers and Tiaras, CNBC'S America Now, Auction Kings, For The Record and Sticker Shock. Contact at wheinsong@gmail.com

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From another Warren...

As Zevon said,
"enjoy every sandwich..."
Stay safe!


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Letter To The Lord #1 Earth again, thanks to all for listening.

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www.warrenhein.com is where you'll find more information on my music and sales! contact me at wheinsong@gmail.com for other inquiries.


2 weeks ago to Warren Hein

Hey Warren thanks so much for listening to "Couger" appreciate the stars my friend.

2 Replies
Warren Hein
2 weeks ago

Nice job!

4 days ago


John Walradt
3 weeks ago to Warren Hein

Trump selling sneakers and Bibles...he's the filthiest con man in American history. He's bought the National Republican Committee and they are selling us a bill of goods. All of it nothing more than Kites on the Moon...and all the fools fall for it.

1 Replies
Warren Hein
3 weeks ago

He's beyond evil! And people vote for him? Fools on a hill too....

Jeana Marie Potthoff
over 30 days ago to Warren Hein

Hi Warren--Thanks for listening to "Another World" and the stars. Much appreciated!

2 Replies
Warren Hein
over 30 days ago

Nice job kid!

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago

I didn't realise you had new music out Jeanna until I saw the comments from Warren and John. Have just had a listen to Another World and found it to be right up there with your usual immaculate standard, beautiful and very comforting. I particularly like the feel/dynamics you get into your music, only possible with one instrument if you really know how to play it!
I could easily hear this on film or TV

Lots of luck with it,


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