I am a songwriter, my daughter and I work together on songs and I am interested in selling them for movies and television programs. I am also interested in finding a co writer whose work is compatible with the songs I write


David ADAM
over 30 days ago to Randy Calligan

Hey Randy,
Thanks a lot for the review of The Heist :)
I've had the chance to review at least two of your tracks (Aventure Theme and the Great Randini I think) which I really appreciated so your opinion does mean something to me. Did you manage to place Adventure Theme ? If I'm not mistaken I think this one was picked for a Indiana Jones kind of movie

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Randy Calligan
over 30 days ago

Thank you for your kind comments. Ive never placed anything in my life unfortunately, so I finally decided to simply write because I love doing it.

Hi again Randy,
Looks like Broadjam cued up a couple of mine for you. Thanks for listening to and reviewing "Sweet Dixie Bride". That's quite an old one... back when I was recording on a Fostex 8 Track with Ensoniq stuff and an E-mu Proteus! The drums are a Roland R8... I used to love "playing drums" on that thing! There are a few old instrumentals on my Broadjam page from that era... Adam and The Ant, Hamilton's Soft Shoe, Sammy's Groove Shop, Night Becomes Her... kinda fun to keep those around for posterity's sake.

Thanks again for taking the time to listen and provide meaningful comments.


Hi Randy,
Thanks so much for taking the time to review my song "Mom's Journey Home". I really do appreciate your thoughtful and useful perspectives/comments.

One day I'll have to take the time to re-record that one using the better sound library that I have today. alas though, I've lost the original Pro Tools session, so I'd have to start from scratch... which isn't necessarily a bad thing. ;)

That's something that I am so impressed with in your pieces (see previous comment/question below) ... the detailing/articulations in your orchestral tracks/performances.

Thanks again for the review.


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