Composer and Music Producer, Franco-Israeli.
Since the age of 20, I have been a professional musician and composer, divided between stages, jazz clubs, and recording studios.
If I took my roots in the universe of classical composers, and more particularly those of the modern era, I work in many other styles such as jazz, bossa, fusion, rock, electro... I like all kinds of musical universes.
In the 90s, in France, I set up my first digital studio. My compositions were sung by famous French singers.
Since 2002, I have been living in Israel where I set up my production unit.

Sounds Like: Danny Elfman, Howard Shore


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David James
over 30 days ago to Ilan Chouraki

Hi Ilan. Your message to Fulvio Ferrari came to me for some reason.
You might like to redirect it.

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Ilan Chouraki
over 30 days ago

Oups! Thank you.

Hi Ilan, I just listened to the cover of Emerson, Lake and Palmer's rock version of Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet". I imagine you are a purist and my take might offend you. I myself really like the London Symphony's true version for the movie "Dracula " ska 1978. I was just having fun with the piece

Nothing to say. You're review was not was fair of this magnificent piece.

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Ilan Chouraki
over 30 days ago

I was honest, but please understand that I was not aggressive at all. This is real advice. I'm sure if you invested in good sound banks you could do a good job. Mixing is important too. We all progress. Best Regards.

As I said before that this was a cover of Emerson , Lake and Palmer's "Romeo And Juliet " rock version. Know you meant well. I try my best

Ilan Chouraki
over 30 days ago

If you want to exchange experiences about music production, I'm open! I wish you all the best.

Thank you, Felice

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