Tim Gerwing was born in Canada but spent his early years in Germany. It all began with traditional music lessons for piano and percussion. The purchase of his first synthesizer and electric guitar in the late 80's released the inner creator/inventor in him with desires to create new age, new wave music. What began to develop then and the evolution of his music through the years culminated into an incredible fusion of jazz and electronic sounds. His music morphed through the years into a signature sound so abstract, so out of the box, that it surrounds your senses with an explosion of color and excitement.

Through his latest release, "Chikatetsu" comes his single "Thinking of You". The significance of this single is the analogy of cultural and psycho emotional sensations of one's mind through self and external relationships. Its full-bodied orchestral sound surrounds you as it lifts you and takes you on a journey that only you can experience. It was created through a series of mechan


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