Influenced by a large range of music. Mobdy to Faithless and Dido to Led Zeppelin. This large range of musical interest inspires the artist to develope a wide ranging style of music. Mainly working in ambient, texture and synthetic sounds blurred in with the odd ethnic sample. Music should inspire people. It should move them. It should make them think and open up their minds to new possibilities. Living in London latestpost has travelled extensively around the world and has lived in a couple of countries from the west (UK) to middle east (Bahrain) to the far east (Japan). A home studio musician using Reason, Cubase and any software he can cobble together he tries to produce something "different". A thousand unfinished projects, snippets of of sound need to be stiched together in a new tapestry. Any collabarations will be fully embraced. Let's make some music!!
ambient, electronica, dub, synth and chill out tunes by the artist LatestPost.

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Album Painfull Chill is now coming together - see for immediate release

Everything is Backwards

The more you buy music and invest in developing music the more you will receive back.

Still Here!

I'm still here I'm not a robot so check out my music!

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Clean Clean

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