Paige Stroman writes and sings her own lullabies helping babies and adults relax and bond at the end of the day. Her first CD, "Lullabies to Celebrate Mother and Child" was included in the 2007 Academy Awards Gift Bags! Her second CD, "Christmas Lullabies to Create Memories" sold over 10,000 copies in just over 4 weeks! She has sold over 30,000 lullaby CDs in 3 years as a independent artist and performs locally at schools and libraries.

Paige Stroman Bio

From the first tape recording at 3 yrs old, to the 5th grade production of "The Wizard of Oz", voice lessons, piano lessons, her studies at The Berklee School of Music, to meetings in Nashville, to hotel jobs in Las Vegas, to retail and call-center jobs, Paige has walked down her own "yellow brick road" to find that her "dream come true" was really in her own backyard.

After years of chasing the dream, Paige found herself gaining experience in fields of business that appeared to take her away from her dream. An opportunity to dive in again was afforded to her through a website that connected her to "the expert" who would eventually land her in the world where all of her dreams would, like Dorothy who she had played so long ago, really come true. Terry McManus, who had toured with Mister Dressup, the Canadian equivalent of Mr. Rogers, answered the question on Paige's heart.......was there anything out there for her in the world of Children's music and Lullabies?? After hearing the rough demo sent to him by Paige, Terry saw the potential. He passed the demo along to fellow professor, Jack Richardson, a big-time rock producer in the 70;s. Now in his seventies, Jack teaches Music, Production and Engineering at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario and produces 3-4 projects a year.

One week before going to Canada to go into the studio, Paige found out she was pregnant! The news added to the whole recording experience. It added emotional vulnerability, for now Paige was singing to her own child for the very first time. Matthew was born in December of 2001 and Paige's husband, Bryan, was called up into active duty in February of 2002. Everything was put on hold as Paige waited for Bryan to return from the war. Wanting for their son to be surrounded by love, the Stromans looked for a more famil-oriented place to raise their son, they selected San Antonio, Texas. Being an only child, Paige never liked having her family too far away and she knew she wanted the same for her son as well. Nothing can ever replace family.

Not long after they settled in Paige decided that it was time to again follow her dream. She found an ad about a songwriter's circle at the neighborhood Border's Bookstore. Paige attended the meeting of the Texas Music Coalition and quickly connected with the San Antonio music industry. While attending the annual "Best in Texas" Magazine's " I've Made a Record...Now What?" seminar, Paige connected with President and Founder of Extreme Dreams, LLC., Kathy Douglas. After a consulting session with Paige about bringing to life her vision for a whole line of baby products, which are an off-shoot of her music and writing; Douglas, a manager/mentor to artists in the Texas Music Industry, was taken by the music and vision. That day their friendship and business relationship started to bloom.

With the vision of Lullabyland firmly planted in Douglas' mind, they immediately formulated a plan to market the CD and first Bedtime Storybook.

Matthew is now 12 years old and Paige still lives in San Antonio. With the visionary ideas and entreprenurial creativity of Paige is creating Lullabyland as her family surrounds her in her own backyard.


I just love your style of singing, your voice is extrmely calming and soothing for babies, and to top it off your numbers of copies sold is outstanding!
In addition to being apart of the Academy Awards Gift Bags, we all know they put the creme de la creme in those Academy Awards Swag Bags!!! That is really kool! I am looking forward to working with you soon or in the near future !! Much love and please dont stop the music :)

Thank you,
Jeseka Price

Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago to Paige Stroman

Hello Paige, thanks for the review of Close Your Eyes. Mrs Kate

Massimo Carola
over 30 days ago to Paige Stroman

Hi Paige, thank you for reviewing Mediterraneo.

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