Peter is a singer/songwriter musician and producer living and performing in the Boston, MA . He has been in numerous rock bands and various acoustic acts, but often ends up returning to his own solo projects, and has been active in the Boston, MA music scene since the 1980's. Peter is also the Director of Marketing for Transcend Entertainment and Music (TEAM), a music licensing company. TEAM's current and past clients include Disney, 20th Century Studios, HBO, NBC, PBS, Hulu, Netflix, MegaTrax, EMI Production Music London, and a CBS Super Bowl commercial to name a few. Peter's has been focusing his individual work on writing material for the film and television industry. He has recently signed deals with a number of music licensing agencies. He continues to write songs in a number of diverse musical styles with the goal always being maximum emotional impact, whether a solo instrumental piece or a complete song.

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Peter is now the Director of Marketing for Above and Beyond Music, a music licensing business.


While many have sojourned far for a musical identify, Peter comes as a fully assembled songsmith and performer.  Through hard work and decades of experience Peter brings a fresh perspective and ability to synthesize disparate influences into ear-catching melodies.
Peter has run the gamut of musical projects over the past two decades.  He has been in numerous rock bands and various acoustic acts, but often ends up returning to his own solo project.  He has been active in the Boston, MA music scene since the 1980's and has performed at number of venues in the Boston and New England area.
"I picked up my first guitar at age 14 and never put it down", he says.  Through high school and college dues-paying bands, Peter began to sculpt his own style from the magical marble of guitar-based classic rock married with modern influences.  He did not take music and song-writing seriously, however, until his early 20's.  "All the while I was taking notes at the concert that was happening constantly in my head", he states.  That log transformed itself into a serious of songs showcased by  bands throughout the 80's and 90's to the present.  Along the way, that stylistic evolution progressed to include elements of Acoustic Rock, Pop, and Folk.
Peter has recently released a CD of very TV and Film-friendly songs including both vocal and instrumental arrangements. Throughout the collection, he displays how he has effectively mined the caverns of the sounds of various popular artists for great influences.  Tasteful and melodic guitar work punctuates his songs, from blues driven rock to soulful acoustic ballads to aggressive rock instrumentals.   His work reflects the styling of David Gray, U2, and Peter Gabriel with the modern touches of John Mayer and Lumineers.  From the edgy, bluesy strains of Riding with Me to the more intimate and heartfelt Blue Moon Night, Peter explores a wide range of song craft, both sonically and emotionally.
Peter's rock instrumentals run hot and threaten to "redline" with explosive energy as prominently displayed in the in-your-face energy of Feeding the Senses and Can't Help Myself .  His Singer-Songwriter material, as reflected in Lying In Wait and Sleepless, provides intimacy and emotional connectivity that serves as the foundation for soaring melodies, with the combination giving the feel of catching lightening in a bottle.  Finally he explores the Indie Folk universe with songs like "You Are the Mystery" and "Taking the Long Way.
Peter's lyrics, sometimes Dylan-esque, but always clever and heartfelt.  "People tell me they can really relate to my lyrics, but I just write what I feel", he states.  He channels images of themes both dark and brooding, and yet brings us back with songs of hope and devotion.
Peter has "created songs with catchy choruses and tight lyrics". These, the musing of a reviewer on one of Peter's song collection.  David Hnatiuk, a Broadjam Pro Reviewer has written that Riding with Me, a just released song by Peter Angelos "most definitely has the potential to be licensed for media usage".
Peter continues to write music and perform with his band and solo project.  He continues to compose at a furious rate and work toward the compilation of another fully realized project.


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keep rockin Pete..... and fighting for underdog

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Thanks Tim! Appreciate your taking the time to give a listen!

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