Shane Counter is the noted guitar player for English rock bands, Scream In Blue and Mr Do, and since moving to Ireland, he has produced two full length solo albums, and two EPs under the banner of CellarDoor.

He has performed at many of Dublin's established live venues as a session player with top Irish act, Chuzzle. For 6 years he played with the excellent One More Outnumbered, sharing stages with such acclaimed artists as Glyder, The World Of Good and Mike Got Spiked.

Most recently he contributed writing and playing talent to Bat Kinane's debut solo album, A Lifetime To Kill.

Latest News

My song Easy DC was selected for use on cable sports channel. Check out the Classic Rock vibes!

Hittin the Hard Rock Top 10

It's February 23rd, 2010, and one of my tunes (Drive On, Leon) has just hit the top 10 in Hard Rock and in Ireland, simultaneously. Nice.

Composer for Multimedia

Shane is a proven and reliable composer, specialising in instrumental rock cues. Credits in recent months include, ClickBank and the Movember tour of Britain & Ireland.


Ronnie Dorman
over 30 days ago to Shane Counter

Hi Shane....Just finished listening to some of your stuff and I relally like what you do..And congrats on your placement with easy CD.....Take it easy....Ronnie

over 30 days ago to Shane Counter

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Clean Clean

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