We Can Make it Tonight Instrumental

Song Length 3:59 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Pop - Easy Listening
Mood Blissful, Joyful Subject Falling in Love
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

Top notch production and crystal clear mix. This is a very sweet kinda lounge/chill piece of music. Guitar licks are good.

Really love the piano on this track. Great sound on guitar as well. Nice melody and arrangement the kind that stays with you. Thanks for sharing it.

Wow. Nice track. Perfect mix. Nice interweaving of piano/ guitar solos, tasteful use of woodwinds and the steady rhythm really makes an impressive overall feel and emotional depth. Hard to find words to say all that, but this is a really lovely, engaging track. Every note, every phrase is pleasing.

Sweet soundtrack ... Really nice guiar work and arrangement. Piano leads the piece beautifully as well

Really nice instrumentation, melodies and production. I like the blues-type lead guitar line/track. This instrumental piece is very lyrical in melody and composition... nice. There are several changes that are reminiscent of Joe Cocker hits... which is a good thing. I could see this used in film/video productions... great supporting cue for emotional scenes. Great job on this!

I love the solo Guitar and the horns, This track is ready for a scene in a movie! I could see it in the ending credits of Kramer Verses Kramer....

well recorded and played. Arrangement top notch.
Play and composition is at a very high level. Professional level. High.

Music Jose Gomez Producer Jay Gross/Michelle Foster
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