Spencer Hutchison is a music producer with the right know how for the right sound or song for your next television or movie or even commercial project. With over 20 years in music involvement and being surrounded by music all of his life he has the right ear and talent to make a perfect sound scape to bring your project over the top.

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My latest news is my new found faith in myself to be a success.

Spencer Hutchsion

I was born in Independence,Louisiana and came to Illinois when i was going on five. I grew up in a home with an aunt on my moms side being a country singer and grandparents on both my mother and fathers side making and creating music so i kind of picked up on it pretty easy.
From the moment i layed my hands on a piano at the age of six, to the moment i picked up a keyboard, and guitar, at the age of nine.
I was drawn to making music more then sports or playing outside. I was bullied in school, a was not popular because of not having what other kids had like the new shoes or fancy clothes. My music is what made me feel cool, and it was what made me feel like i had a place to belong.
I never had a real strong support system in my family because all they heard was noise and not me creating music so it was hard to make and create it. My father and I never seen eye to eye growing up and my mother did not understand that i wanted more out of all of this then just to make noise.
The piano was a project my dad was working on. He was restoring the wood work on it for somebody so whenever he was not around i would play on it. We wound up having a piano given to us for free a few years later. During all of these years bouncing back between guitar, and keyboard. i was starting to discover how to sample music and record it. I bought better keyboards over time and equipment and now days since i have my own loving family with kids and a wife I can make and create anything that anybody ever has thrown at me.
I have never gave up the dream of being bigger then what i am now and never will. I was born in 79 so you can pretty much see how long i have been at it. And there is no gaps where i ever stopped+ what i was doing.

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