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I have been singing, playing the piano and composing music and songs since I was five years old. I can sing in a variety of styles spanning from pop to musical theatre and classical. I also play the flute and guitar. I have a keen interest in music and video production and I have become proficient at using professional and high-end equipment and programs, such as 'Logic Pro' music production, 'Sibelius' music scoring and 'Final Cut Pro' video editing. I am currently writing and recording songs for my first solo album.

I have been singing on professional recordings for my father (a professional musician and composer) since I was five years old. My recording credits include a single and video of an environmental anthem specially commissioned to support the Outreach programme of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

I have also just finished work on the BBC documentary series 'Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage' (currently showing on BBC 2) supplying lead vocals for the series' soundtrack.


Adam was born in London in 1990 and comes from a musical family. He started playing the piano at the age of four, later taking up the violin, viola and guitar. Adam is a composing prodigy who has composed and recorded over three thousand pieces of music since he began composing three years ago at the age of fifteen. Adam composes fluently and quickly and in a wide range of musical styles, including baroque, classical, romantic, neo-classical, ragtime, jazz, theatre, film, television and pop (writing both words and music). Sir Curtis Price, principal of the Royal Academy of Music in London, has described Adam as a "prolific and successful composer."

Adam was a finalist last year in the 'Sibelius National Young Film Composer Competition' and a finalist again this year in the prestigious 'Daniel International Young Composers Competition' in Israel, where he was the youngest and only successful composer from the Uk and the only composer out of the four finalists to receive a standing ovation following the performance of his work, 'Daniel - A Symphonic Poem'.

Adam recently composed and recorded additional music for the major 12-part BBC television series, 'Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage' and 'Seven Ages of Britain' presented by David Dimbleby. A song he arranged and co-produced has been used in a Hollywood movie entitled, 'My Life In Ruins' (produced by Tom Hanks).


Andonis Violaris is a UK based composer, orchestrator, pianist, viola player, guitarist, songwriter, lyricist and music producer. He trained at the Royal Academy of Music and the Eric Gilder School of Music and Drama in London.

Andonis wrote and composed his musical version of El Cid (featured here) in discussion with Placido Domingo to sing the title role. The famous 1961 Hollywood epic about Spain's great 11th Century hero (which starred Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren) inspired the work. The musical examples presented here are taken from the double demo CD recording of Andonis' two-hour musical score, which he played and recorded in his home studio using keyboards and orchestral sampled sounds. Andonis is currently planning a concert performance of El Cid, featuring Christopher Lee as narrator.

Andonis' work includes numerous television and film soundtracks, including producing and directing 'Children for the World Environment', to support the United Nations Environmental Outreach program. Andonis has written hit songs (words, music and production) for "40-million album" selling artist, Demis Roussos and has worked on music projects with La Toya Jackson, Gary Byrd ("The Crown" with Stevie Wonder) and Bill Fredericks of "The Drifters".

Eleni Violaris - Singer Songwriter.
Adam Violaris - Composer, Songwriter.
Andonis Violaris - Composer, Songwriter, Producer.


Mac Merlot
over 30 days ago to Violaris Music

Awesome tracks! Do you live record or use a program?

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Violaris Music
over 30 days ago

Hi Michael, thank you very much for your kind comment. We only record live, solo vocals (Eleni Violaris). We use orchestral and choral samples with Logic as our sequencer, composed, orchestrated, performed and recorded on keyboards by Adam Violaris.

Scott Shetler
over 30 days ago to Violaris Music


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