I am born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
41 years old.
I love writing and producing music in any style I can master.

Studied guitar and producing at the Royal conservatory in The Hague.

With the cue's and soundtracks I write, I focus on Tv, Commercials, Games, Movies, and other media.
I study producing and songwriting every day, to get my productions still at a higher level.
Since 2012 I am slowly earning my place in the music media

Did you hear a production you like, but need it to be changed
to fit your needs? Le me know and we can discuss it.

I am living with my Girlfriend Near Amsterdam, and we have a beautiful daughter (21 jan 2012)

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Working hard on some new productions:

Styles: Dance, Percussive (epic) and singer songwriter

Floris Bekker

At an early age I had already become interested in music. However, I only started playing guitar at the age of 16.
After playing on my own for a year, I decided it was time for a proper music education and therefore attended a local music school.
When introducing myself to my new teacher I said: "Hi, my name is Floris and I want to attend the conservatory."

After 3 years of studying guitar and finishing high school, I extendend my study with an additional 2 years. After that went to Amsterdam to study at a private jazz institute.
At the age of 24, persistant as I am, I was able to enroll into the conservatory in The Hague. Here I studied guitar and producing for 5 years.

I started songwriting at the age of 17 while playing in a rock (trio) band. Just for fun.
During my studies at the conservatory I started developing my songwriting skills. It was only after graduating I really gave it my full attention.

Now I'm focused on media music: film, tv, advertisement, games,ringtones etc.

Rock, funk, soul, blues, soundtracks, pop, electronic or a combination of all these. I like to write music in any style I can master!

Next to composing I am a part time guitar teacher (2 full days a week consisting 30 pupils)

I am inspired by the following:

Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ac/Dc, Anthrax, Pearl jam, Toto, Avenged Sevenfold, Seether etc.

Phil Collins, Toto, Genesis, Paul Young, Counting Crows.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Scott Henderson, Blues Brothers

To many to mention...

Hans Zimmer, Alan Menken, Steve Jablonsky, any movie soundtrack I like

By taking guitar lessons I come into contact with many artists, young & old, former & new.

Bekker Audio Productions

Bekker Audio Productions
Floris Bekker is the owner of Bekker Audio Productions.
Here his music is written - instrumentals focussing on commercials, tv-shows, movies, games etc.
All productions are created in this home studio.

Waking up at 30

Project band: 'Waking Up At 30'
'Waking Up At 30' is a project band based on songwriter/producer Floris Bekker. Floris studied producing at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in the Netherlands.


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Dear Bekker Audio, just listened to your song, "Someone's Chasing me", great scene composition!! Ready for the next James Bond film!! Very Cool! excellent job!! 5 Stars & Likes. If you get a chance come on down to our Broad Jam site, Marg & Art Corey

The Corey's

1 Replies
Bekker Audio Productions
over 30 days ago

Thanks margie for your comment.
Very kind of you. I'll check out your page.
Kind regards Floris Bekker

Great writing and arranging on No Trace. It creates a great mysterious vibe!

If I would've remembered you live in Amsterdam, I could've come to visit you this weekend... I'm in Hamburg :) Hi Florris!

2 Replies
Bekker Audio Productions
over 30 days ago

hey Austin. in the neighborhood!
Hamburg is still a little bit away. of course you would have been welcome! soon I will move house to Almere which lies 30 min from Amsterdam. had a good time in Hamburg?

Wes Dinwiddie
over 30 days ago

Mostly business, with a lot of site seeing mixed in... yes, having a great time!

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