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Broadjam Hot 100 Song Competition

Tom Reardon

The Hot 100 is a peer-reviewed song contest that will stop taking submissions as soon as we've reached 100 entries, at which time it will immediately go into peer ratings - meaning that YOU decide the winners!

Open to all members, all genres, and all styles.
   Something to Believe In

Song of the Month - October 2023

Denis Hackett

The Song of the Month contest is open to all styles and genres - we're looking for the best of the best on Broadjam!

You may submit more than one song and all Broadjam members are encouraged to enter. Primo members receive their first entry for FREE.

Don't forget that you, our dear Broadjam members, decide the winner. Reviews open September 15th and close on October 14th, the day before the winner is announced.

Good luck!
   Some Other Day
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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