Seeking: Vintage Material Recorded Before 2005 - Ongoing

ID: FT112303    Posted November 18, 2023
Looking for authentic songs and instrumentals that were recorded before 2005. This is an ongoing need. Specifically, we want the "sound" of the times, including any extra sounds and settings that you wouldn't hear today unless you were trying to re-create them. This difference is subtle but vital. Open to all genres, male and female vocals, and instrumentals. You must own the rights to any music you submit. Broadcast quality only.

Project Details

  • If Songs Selected: If selected, we will present you with a contract. Anything we publish, we will include in our day to day pitching efforts for TV shows, Feature Films, Trailers and Commercials.
  • Sound Qualities Accepted: Broadcast Quality
  • Instrumentals Accepted: Yes
  • Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
  • Deal Type: Exclusive
  • Expected Decision Date: 12/24/2023
  • Provider: Publisher
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