Looking For Intimate (Mostly) Solo Pieces

ID: FT1123B7    Posted November 18, 2023
We're seeking intimate instrumental pieces with just one or two instruments like piano, acoustic guitar, flute, or harp. Pieces should feel personal, as if they're being played just for you. Genre is open and includes New Age, Classical, Folk, and Smooth Jazz. Tempos should be on the slower side. Music should be soft but should also hit you in that way that makes you feel like you and the music are the only things in the room. Broadcast quality only.

Project Details

  • If Songs Selected: If selected, we will present you with a contract. Anything we publish, we will include in our day-to-day pitching efforts for TV shows, feature films, trailers and commercials.
  • Sound Qualities Accepted: Broadcast Quality
  • Instrumentals Accepted: Yes, Instrumentals Only
  • Deal Type: Exclusive
  • Expected Decision Date: 12/24/2023
  • Provider: Publisher
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