FUK hello hello,,,is this mic working? tessting,,,o,,guess i'm supposed to write something here,,okok,,,,,,,Any HAWT GIRLS WANNA FLIRT? WT,, : (),
NEW VIDEO "KITTY DREAMS" life of a Studio feline
I'M HYBRID! NEWEST song off the pop charts! 
joZef scAles/Ingeniero X Song: I'M HYBRID! | Broadjam.com.
joZef scAles/Ingeniero X Song: Can't Wait For A Day! | ... (broadjam.com)
MAAybe i have too much time on my hands but i felt i had to re-record Bells on Reggae Belz   IN the process of making ambient music for my m.arts channel that

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Performed Oct Festival yesterday

Been getting a great response with "Can't Wait For A Day!"  new in my repetoire,,i'm actually proud that i performed such good "Bubble" rhythm keyboard! Celebrating 15 yrs of MAGIC MANDOLIN. Mel Bay Pub., Mel Bay's MANDOLIN SOLOS  collection of the worlds BEST MANDOLINISTS! LEARN JIMI HENDRIX GEE-TAR! LICKS! Little Wing rhythm guitar - YouTube 
NEW composition "MYSTICAL PARADISE "accompanying recipe vid for natural aphrodisiac on my Tao Love! site: Tao Love (thesevenchakras.wixsite.com)

OH,,FUK,,,,,,, HELLO!

FUK hello hello,,,is this mic working,,,o,,guess i'm supposed to write something here,,okok,,,,,,,Any HAWT GIRLS WANNA FLIRT?

my bio

hi! my name is Jozef and i am a recording engineer and musician. i have been fortunate to have worked with so many great musicians and recorded so much beautiful music and styles! Broadjam.com has given me avenues to share my abilities as both a writer/ musician, engineer/ producer.
Carry On!

"seven chakras music meditation"
Music as Meditation
cd for sale at
cdbaby.com and

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CELEBRATING 15 YRS "MAGIC MANDOLIN-30 FOLK SONGS FROM AROUND THE WORLD" published by Mel Bay, Inc can be found on AMAZON.COM, ALSO featured a Russian folk song in "MANDOLIN SOLOS" a fat book with all of the World's GREATEST MANDOLINISTS!

added BIG BASS PANS to Reggae Bass Inst https://www.broadjam.com/songs/joZe f/reggae-bass-inst
ruff mix. i press play record then takes me few seconds to walk over to the drums put on headphones, pick up the sticks and start playing : (),

made new Steel Pan Bass! fuk yeah,,got loads of new music comin' down the pike,,

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