Change is Coming: Hi Corey's! Klaus here. It is always a pleasure to listen to your projects . You are talented and I hope that you are not discouraged by all the stuff I throw at you!
To the song: This is actually two songs in one. The background is competing
with the singer instead of supporting her. Fewer notes and longer
chords are needed, as a critic told Mozart: "Mr. Mozart, too many notes."
Whenever the singer is told to raise the volume she does it intellectually
instead of using her total body to belt it out (think Janis Joplin).
She sounds as if she is holding back what she is capaple of.
In all: This song has the potential for a next level.

Feel like we just had a great night out at a fancy place! Love that feeling. Going to cue your songs up again. P.

Lookout Now! Art--you nailed that baby! Is that you singing? Or your wife? Voice has that waver I love kinda Bob Dillionish!
All The Peace and Goodness to you guys! catnip=++

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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