San Francisco Bay Area based singer/pianist/composer Therese TC Brewitz performing unique Swedish, classically infused piano pop.

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Upcoming holiday events:

Accompanying the beautiful SWEA Lucia pageant at St Mary's Cathedral on Sat Dec 1, San Francisco.

Performing at Bjornson Hall for the Tegner Lodge annual Lucia celebration on Sat Dec 8, Oakland, CA.

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About TC:s new album Midsommartimmen:
Every summer Swedes all over the world gather to celebrate the most mysterious of our holidays, Midsommar. With this collection of songs from the vast Swedish song book I aim to capture the lights and sounds, the mood of joy and longing that signify this holiday and the uniqueness of summer in Sweden. After 18 years of living abroad as a musician and with two albums of original songs, I felt it was time to pay tribute to the music I grew up with.

TC:s musical persona can be described as intoxicating and sophisticated, with the lyrical style and musicality of a true Swedish-American artist.
In her life and music, TC often embraces her Swedish origins and her music offers a pleasing crossover between Swedish folk melody sounds and piano based pop/rock, sung both in English and her native language.
TC:s previous album "Flicker" spanned four years of songwriting and two years of intense, collaborative work with producer/composer Chris Houston. Her original songs are inspired by the craft of songwriters such as David Gray and Heather Nova and often reflect a similar crispness of melody and music with a deep lyrical undertone. Like many Scandinavian artists she finds inspiration in the darkness and raw climate of Sweden and her songs often reflect its' elemental beauty and solitude of the far north.

Since coming to the U.S. in 1995 to attend graduate school at UC Berkeley, TC's developed a loyal following within the Bay Area club scene and at Swedish-American festivals. She's headlined at many West Coast venues such as Golden Gate Club and Benziger Winery and she has performed frequently with the popular R&B ensemble Karma Dogs at local clubs and festivals. Previously, she sang and played keyboard with alt rock band Implied Five and could be seen at Blakes on Telegraph.

Her debut solo album, Scent of You, received critical praise when it was released in 2004. One reviewer said: "A voice that sounds just as lovely, if not more so, in a tongue foreign to these ears... Her smooth harmonies speak easily to an audience that is sure to continue growing."

In addition to her own song production TC has written the film score to the award-winning documentary "Miya of the Quiet Strength", released in 2008. About a badly wounded survivor of an Iowa school shooting, the film is a tribute to a young woman who rose above her resulting paralysis to work as an activist before succumbing to breast cancer.
As survivor of breast cancer, herself, TC was deeply moved by the story and takes pride in having contributed to the film.
She continuously supports cancer research with her music. Her song December Sky was featured on a 2009 CD that raised money and awareness; she also appeared on the online radio show "Stupid Cancer" for and about young cancer survivor ship.

TC was classically trained on the piano as a young girl and studied ballet and voice growing up. She was born in the town of Koping, Sweden and raised in Mastocka, a small, rustic village on the western edge of Sweden. TC now travels home frequently to visit her family and friends.
In addition to her music, TC is an avid triathlete and Director of Pilates at the Hills Swim and Tennis Club. She lives in Oakland, California.

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Greg Frain
over 30 days ago to TC Brewitz

Thanks for your constructive review of Comet - much appreciated. Best wishes, Greg

Malcolm Lally
over 30 days ago to TC Brewitz

Hi there,
Just wanted to thank you for your kind review of Waking Dream.. I totally agree with you about the long intro and flat vocals. Also, I just wanted to add that A Players Paradise is an excellent song, 5stars from me, beautiful piano and vocals.
All the best, Mal

2 Replies
TC Brewitz
over 30 days ago

Thank you, Malcolm! Waking Dream is a great song. I feel that reviews are rough to write and rough to receive. Wish you much success with your music!

TC Brewitz
over 30 days ago

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