I am a self taught guitar player. I started discovering the guitar as a young teen in the mid 1960's. During the mid 1970's I did some performing; 2 piece to 4 piece. I enjoy an eclectic variety of music, which is evidenced by the music I play and record. I was persuaded to record some of my original music using the name Upper Air Disturbance. I have been fortunate to recruit fine musicians to record violin, vocals, bass, and keyboard & synth. on Upper Air Disturbance's Legacy I, Legacy II, and Legacy III albums. Content ranges from folk to blues to "latinish" to instrumental contemporary classic and new age. I am not a professional musician, but music has always been important to me. I hope that you enjoy some of my music on Broadjam.

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Thanks again Norb, this time for your review of Glendalough. Very much appreciated.

Hi again Norb,
Thanks for the review and thoughtful comments on my son "Spring Time"!

Yeah, that's a short one I wrote for licensing opportunity that I didn't get, but at least it led to this nice little piece.

Thanks again for the review and positive comments!

Be well!

Hi Norb,
Thanks so much for the review and positive comments of my song "Classical Cruise".

I appreciate you taking the time to listen and provide meaningful/helpful comments!

I'll check out some of your music soon.

Thanks again and be well!

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