Two Wildflowers

Song Description

Spanning time and memory, two inseparable women journey through life's joys, heartaches, and milestones, bound by an unyielding sisterhood as resilient and free as wildflowers in an endless field.

Song Length 3:42 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Exultant, Sociable Subject Happiness, Joy
Language English Era 2000 and later


Two Wildflowers

(Verse 1: Woman 1) (Key of G major)
[G] In the golden haze of our southern fields,
[D] We grew tall; our dreams were revealed.
[Em] Tellin' tales of our highs and lows,
[C] Sisters in spirit, as life's river flows.

(Verse 2: Woman 2)
[G] On every dirt road, on each starlit night,
[D] You've been my beacon, shining so bright.
[Em] Through every heartbreak, every twist and turn,
[C] You've been beside me, as life's lessons we learn.

(Chorus: Both)
[G] We're two wildflowers in an endless field,
[D] Bound by heartstrings, a bond unsealed.
[Em] From sunset skies to morning's tide,
[C] I know we'll win with you by my side.

(Verse 3: Woman 1)
[G] Recall that summer we danced in the rain,
[D] Young, wild, and free, with joy and no pain.
[Em] Though storms might blow, and winds may come,
[C] Our enduring song beats just like a drum.

(Verse 4: Woman 2)
[G] In high-heeled nights or barefoot days,
[D] Down every path, with you, I'd always stay.
[Em] With a bottle of wine or a strong cup of tea,
[C] It's been you and me throughout history.

(Chorus: Both) Half a step up (Key of Ab major)
[Ab] We're two wildflowers in life's great dance,
[Eb] Holding on tight, not left to chance.
[[Fm] Through tears and laughter, our story unfolds,
[Db] Sisters in spirit, with a bond that holds.

(Bridge: Woman 1) (Key of Ab major)
[Ab] When cold winds blew, you were my flame,
[Eb] Through every story, your courage remained.

(Bridge: Woman 2) (Key of Ab major)
[Fm] When the world seemed so vast and unknown,
[Db] Your voice was the anchor, the way back home.

(Chorus: Both) (Key of Ab major)
[Ab] We're two souls destined to intertwine,
[Eb] Through every season, whether rain or shine.
[Fm] Hearts beating in tune to our lifelong song,
[Db] With you, dear friend, is where I belong.

(Outro: Both) Half a step up from the chorus (Key of B major)
[B] As the years come, memories we'll spin,
[F#] Facing new trials and battles, we'll win.
[Abm] Sisters in spirit, forever we'll be,
[E] Two wildflowers, forever and free.

Lyrics Bob Juch Music Bob Juch
Producer Bob Juch Performance Deb Thomas and Jaime Fox
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United States #8
North America #8
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Broadjam Earth #8
Production - Female Vocals #6
Production - Ballads #4
Country - Contemporary #3
Country #4
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