At the Foot of the Dunes

Story Behind The Song

Ambient piece based on Arabic instrument loop.

Song Description

Song is a minor ambient exploration. The main movements of the instruments is the synth voice that moves in and out, front to back. It animates the entire piece into a journey that allows the listener to extend easily beyond the repetitive captivity of the loop. Much like life itself, we're all looking for that escape, and transport, at select times. The type musical textures seem unaware of each other because they are so sonically different, as if they were both agnostic to the existence of any other part of the music. This music does have a rather large "space" in it, but still not full on Zen, because there is enough there to carry cognition, it's just not carrying with a fully stuffed basket, more modest chunks will do.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Electronic - Ambient, Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Floating Mood Serene
Subject Existence Similar Artists Brian Eno, Ray Lynch
Era 2000 and later
Music Duane Estill Producer Duane Estill
Publisher Duane Estill Performance Duane Estill

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