Mystery of the World - Prologue and Theme

Story Behind The Song

This music was the very first piece of music composed after a long period of illness that radically changed my life. There was a great deal of extended contemplation about my life that preceded this. The overall conclusion was optimistic and peaceful. The music would have reflected whatever conclusion I came to.

Song Description

Light classical initial prologue and then main theme both stated in D major. The transition into the initial theme comes after an extended flowing prologue of suggestive themes but only committing to fleshing out the transitions more so than the floating melody. That transitions directly and abruptly into stating the main theme with several changes before moving back to a slightly more dramatic statement of them main theme. There was originally a sample of cafe walla of people talking and clinking at the opening, to ground the piece in the well and rash of day to day life. That ambient noise is removed from this version in order to just let the prologue properly open the piece.

Song Length 7:54 Genre Classical - Post-Romantic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Tranquil
Subject Existence Similar Artists Jerry Goldsmith
Music Duane Estill Producer Duane Estill
Publisher Duane Estill Performance Duane Estill
Label Duane Estill

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