Silent Whispers Piano Mix

Story Behind The Song

No personal story per se. This is one of many in the "synth pad/piano" mode of composing.

Song Description

Music is classically influenced with a little Bach quote repeated a few times well into the song. Floating synth pad with piano, using sustained 4ths, major key with the root providing the bass of the pad as well as mid-range washes of texture rolling over in a sustained fashion, the sustain loads the background until the piano punctures it and deflates it, only to build again. This textured pallet is not minimalist, or Zen, it's quite packed and full in a deceptive fashion. A few minutes into it your realize it has you on a coginitive platform, but doesn't ask you to go very far, unless you prefer.

Song Length 10:39 Genre New Age - Meditative, New Age - Meditative
Tempo Floating Mood Relaxed
Similar Artists Brian Eno, Kitaro Era 2000 and later
Music Duane Estill Producer Duane Estill
Publisher Duane Estill Performance Duane Estill

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