Silver Breezes

Story Behind The Song

Song comes from a minimalist period where less is more, at the risk of sounding trite.

Song Description

Very much a pulsing "alive" song with lots of in and out breathing from synths weaving thoughtful textures in the background with thinner pads in the foreground contentedly covering it's aural space. The drums are a melange of tribal thump and busy electronic, comes across as non-genric, very open, like a breeze, a silver breeze. Really just floats along with only small resolves before going back to contentedness. Songs that are this open and friendly require no resolution, they have already resolved to be who they are, and all the sounds stay in their respective spaces, and are happy to do so. This is a synth song that has futurist and international appeal, borderless and boundryless.

Song Length 6:24 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Passive
Subject Imagination Similar Artists Aphex Twin
Era 2000 and later
Music Duane Estill Producer Duane Estill
Publisher Duane Estill Performance Duane Estill

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