Broken Man

Song Description

Based on a true story of a girl raised by a single mother

Song Length 3:01 Genre R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Dysfunctional Relations


Wake Up Broken Man
Schantell Wharton, John Schutt © 2021

I always wanted to be my daddy's girl
Lotta men walked through my Mama's world
Maybe pat me on the head, big smiles just made me sad
Sweet talk was all a lie, hung my heart out to dry
Not my Blood, and not my Daddy

Are you listening, I'm talking to you

Wake up Broken Man, Wake up Broken Man
You thought you were being' the best you could
But you never, ever understood
A girl needs a guiding hand
A woman needs a trustworthy man
Wake up Broken Man, Broken Man

You knew I wanted to be your little girl
But there's a wound the size of you in my world
Good at pretending you love me, tryn'ta buy my heart with money
Seems like you had no soul, I could never be whole
My blood, but not my Daddy

never stop wanting you in my life


A girl needs a guiding hand
A woman needs a trustworthy man
Wake up Broken Man

Lyrics John Schutt, Schantell Wharton Music JOHN SCHUTT
Producer JOHN SCHUTT Publisher Jonny Swell Music

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