Go to hell

Story Behind The Song

This is a song about material desires

Song Description

You'll see me there as well

Song Length 3:46 Genre Electronic - House, Pop - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Infuriated, Charming Subject Hell, Material Things
Similar Artists Cameo Language English
Era 1990 - 1999

I really loved the old school 80s/90s feel to it.Love the guitar thrown in there as well. Fab!

Ha! This really strongly reminds me of stuff from the 80s...it's got a Ghostbusters / Michael Jackson 'Thriller' era thing going on! I actually really enjoyed this & it's not at all what I would normally listen to! Some great accents - the rapper is a character and the female singer is great. Also, the lyrics and intelligent rhythms of the song were memorable & whoever did the production got it pretty much spot on. Nice!

Detroit Sounds finally! I'm from Detroit a long time ago-still remember some cool stuff from there! Nice keys! My two Aunts were both piano teachers and me too!

Man, after listening to this song, I NEED TO LISTEN TO MORE R&B/ Funk.....Flat Out!! This is JUST KILLER! Love the opening Shaft vocal and then the female vocalist kicks in and we're off the the Races!!! You can cut the Soul and funk in this composition with a butter knife, stand back Music-Land, this group is someone to recon with!! GREAT TUNE PEOPLE!!! WOWZA!!!

Powerful introduction. Male vocal opens and female vocal comes in just as powerful. Song has an angry, aggressive feel to it. "Don't step on my tail" catchy, original hook. The production is amazing, such a full sound, very well-thought out. Somebody worked really hard on this and the talent shines. Love the rolling out vocals. Background vocals are dynamic.

Lyrics Gabriella Rinaldi Music Max Carola
Producer Max Carola Publisher Maxsound di M. Carola
Performance Maxsound di M. Carola Label Maxsound records

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