Humble pie

Story Behind The Song

Part of a writing work to recreate the Hans Zimmer sound with my daw after attending a masterclass with him.

Song Description

This is a fragment of a larger composition aimed to create tension and energy. Written to fit an action scene with a dark mood and a violent behavior.

Song Length 0:38 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Restless, Aggressive Subject Disguise, Masks, Darkness
Similar Artists , Hans Zimmer Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

very nicely orchestrated

Wow too short to get my teeth into fully. Would love to know what the author was pitching at. Video game soundtrack?

Excellent composition and arrangement. Exciting very short piece

It's pretty Good!! I don't have much to say about this composition. It's so short, it's hard to get into the structure of the song. It has an excellent start, it just needs to be longer! I do like what I do hear, just long for more of the composer's musical thought's. I'm sure this is just the beginning of some great music in the Future!!!
Let's Hear more!!

This is short but sweet and has a good feeling of menace. I like the fact that it builds adrenalin and creates a feeling of anticipation - especially as the anticipation is unclear and could indicate the approach of something bad or good - this increases its marketability in my opinion. You've used the chromatic scale nicely and I love the slightly 'skewed' chords you're using.

I like drum beat right at the start; it gives great initial impact. In fact the drums are great throughout. There is a Middle Eastern feel to the piece which is very engaging and highly atmospheric. The piece builds tension which is released by cadence in the melody, which is highly effective.

Nice job on the outer limits idea. fresh tune puts you in the zone right away

This is a perfect example of how a soundtrack can have a memorable hook. The low to high transition is laced with tension and suspense and very tightly produced. I applaud the instrumentation choices and excellent quality of this short piece. May it find its way into a movie!

This song would be great in movies

I like the way the song starts and how the keyboards and drums blend together.

Music Massimo Carola Producer Max Carola
Publisher Maxsound di Massimo Carola Performance Sonik Ensemble
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