Manname l'ammore

Story Behind The Song

This song is about the Christmas and love and the feelings that Christmas time brings to the people. Is a non religious song though.

Song Description

The voice of Gabriella Rinaldi and Katres give this song a special sound that combines the flamenco with the neapolitan tradition in a modern and fresh sound.

Song Length 3:10 Genre World - General, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, Ecstatic Subject Spirituality, General
Language Italian Era 2000 and later


Manname l'ammore (Carola-Rinaldi) SIAE
© 2018 Gabriella Rinaldi

Quanno fredda se fa ll' aria
quanno e` tiempo 'e arrevota`
quanno 'o sango se fa scuro e 'mmiezo a via nun puo` sta' e stu nennillo mio
parla cu 'a voce 'e ddio
cantano tutt'e ffemmene ca se lo vonno.... trezzia` (pazzia`)
e la nuvella de natale
tutt'e juorne te la voglio raccontare
a stu nennillo piccerillo ca 'nce portano ll'ammore, incenso e mirra ( x 2)
nasciu nasciu u bambineddu / iddu purtira` 'llammuri unni l'ammore nun c'e` mannimi ll'ammuri /mannimi ll'ammuri/ mannimi ll'ammuri/ mannimi mannimi ll'ammuri/mannimi ll'ammuri/mannimi ll'ammuri/mannimi ll'ammuri
quanno ammore te vene a truva` sott'o cielo s'appontano 'e stelle int'o mare se vonno specchia'
quann'ammore te vene a truva tutte ' e suonne ca tieni annascuse comme 'o viento te vonno purta`
manname l'ammore mannance 'lammore mannale l'ammore mannace l'ammore
ahhhhhhh quanno ammore te vene a truva` e` na luce c'ammanta stu core
e se spanne pe' tutta 'a citta`
ahhahahahaha quanno ammore te vene a truva` rieste annure ma nun te fa niente
nun e` scuorno si tu vuo` campa`
e la nuvella de natale /tutt'e juorne te la voglio raccontare/a stu nennillo piccerillo ca 'nce portano
ll'ammore, incenso e mirra ( x 2)

Reminds me an awful lot of Chambao's Ya Estas Tu. Nothing wrong with that! Terrific vocal harmonies!

Fantastic stuff. Great vocal and opens out into a very catchy song. Great production and recording. Very summery and enjoyable. Would work so well in film to add atmosphere and vibe, especially with the moody opening section - either or both parts of the song could be used for creating individual moods in fact.

Beautiful voice in any language, also a fantastic recording with great instrumentation for sure!

Nothing like a great, passionate vocal sung with clarity! Even though I cannot understand the language/lyrics, she had me hooked. The instrumentation, percussion, and production on this track are stellar. Makes me want to see a professional dancer dance to this amazing tune!

The intro is excellent and sets the scene perfectly. I love the passionate mood of the song. The vocal is perfect as is wonderful instrumentation. Lovely change at 0.53. A very melodic song. Very well recorded with great sound quality.

Nice production
Love the vocal, a nice song
Thanks for the listen

a very nice enjoyable song Ive always liked this style

Wowza...............this composition is so incredible, it hurts!! Great instrumentation,Tremendous vocals....this tune is ready for Hollywood, Bollywood, Dollywood and even Tiger Woods....A little Woods humor to break-up this reviews. There isn't much to say about this composition, but To The-Moon!!! Great Song people!!!! Thanks for sharing this jewel!!!!

Lyrics Gabriella Rinaldi Music Gabriella Rinaldi, Massimo Carola
Producer Max Carola Publisher Maxsound di Massimo Carola
Performance Innesto Label Maxsound Records

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