Marooned Between the Stars

Story Behind The Song

Being a castaway marooned in inner-stellar space. all seems hopeless till a theoretical form of renewable perpetual propulsion using solar sailing Proposed by Carl Sagan In The 70s. .But in a more imaginative way like a surreal science fi concept. A spanish galleon with masts with sails that are solar panels generates solar power and creates propulsion from sailing the solar winds.Like a modern mythological scifi folklore story.

Song Description

Lost in inter stelar space. Oxygen supply depleted. Death seems Inevitable but building solar sails to generate power and sail the solar winds becomes the only hope out of a what seems to be an impossible situation. The nebulous, ambient and use of space in the song is to help express the vastness of space and the feeling of being a speck within a spec.

Song Length 1:25 Genre Electronic - Ambient, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Still, Cool Subject Darkness, Aliens
Similar Artists Mike Oldfield Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Restless consciousness, confusion, and feeling like being in a altered state. Very nice it works for a soundtrack, or a video simulation.

I like to play this kind of electronic ambient music when I am doing my tax returns, walking down long empty halls or, for when I'm doodling on a piece of paper. Billy sais he will put this on his playlist for when he practices his magic show.

Nice opening sound choice.

Music Atley Dale adkins Jr. Producer Atley Dale adkins Jr.
Publisher Tunecore Performance Picticus
Label Antrium Productions
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Planck Time Productions In The Wake Of Time 4/30/2017

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