What you did

Story Behind The Song

My co-writers ex wife did not treat him very well. So we wrote the song about How I remember what you did, but I kept moving forward and am stronger now.

Song Length 2:46 Genre Country - General
Era 2000 and later


What You Did

By Nathan Sennett & Amy Abernathy

Verse 1

Somethings missing and I wanna know

Why aren't you talking and making it known

you fooled me with all your stupid lies

I don't care about the tears you cry

Verse 2

You whore the ring I thought you loved

I guess the life I offered wasn't enough

Dawn of day you left without a fight

You closed the door, I slammed it tight


Because of what you did

I wont forget you

I may miss you

But I will live

Because of what you did

I wont forget you

Oh I wont forget you

'Cause of what you did.

Verse 3

you played your games, tore up my life

But God's so good he sent another wife

And in her eyes love is all I see

She carved our name on an old oak tree


I'm so happy I'm finally free

But you and your new love go find your own tree


Overall, I felt the song still needed a little more work. While I love the hook, "Because of What You Did,", I didn't feel the melody held up to the lyric in the chorus and throughout the song. When listening, I kept thinking this might be better as a ballad 20 BPMs slower with a more dynamic vocal on it. It doesn't sound like the singer is "upset" at all about "what they did." A song with this kind of strong lyrical hook needs emotion behind the delivery. When you "slam the door" behind, slam the vocal as well. While I think singer is good, this is not the right melody or song for him. Some of the lyrics felt a little too rhythmic and forced, "the tears you cry" is an example. If this was my song, I would take the lyric as it is strong, hand it to a co-writer and let them produce it without hearing the original. In fact, I may ask a couple of different producers to do this. I think you would be surprised in a positive way at the interpretations of this quality lyric. Hope this helps and thanks for being a member of Broadjam! Roy

Amy, I really love the song. Wouldn't change a thing. Has a great flow to it. The pre-chorus pause is killer and setups the chorus nicely. Reminds me a little of a Mumford and Sons vibe. Awesome work.

Awesome song. Very joyful sounding, great vocals and instrumentation.

Great hook and tempo. I hear a female vocal on this, even though it's male on the demo. Good luck with this!

Sounds like a good Country song.

Lyrics Amy Abernathy/ Nathan Sennett Music Nathan Sennett
Producer Nathan Sennet Performance Nathan sennett
Label BMI

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