Right Outside

Song Description

aggressive, lyrical song with a fresh rhythmic vocal delivery.

Song Length 3:11 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Gangsta
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Eminem Language English
Era 2000 and later


Right Outside

Beneath this face I'm most indubitably dubiously foolish / I'll crack any Dick and Harry whose assuming he could do this / I'm the newest truest child influence spuing it putrid and puking the new hit singles like I regurgitate music. / I'm like a genie in a bottle / rub me correctly in the right coordinates and you gonna feel the thrust of my throttle then smacked in the head with the bottle / you get it credit or debit I invented these intensive dimented lyric insentives. / Now usually my intension's to bring people messages but with all kidding aside, inside I'm a fucking menace. / Breath in pain through nitrous inhalation masks from the dentist and while you're unconscious I'm taking your family as repentance. / Now you've been sentenced to a century of consecutive sensa-vasectomies / frontal labotamies and radiation therapy / my chemistry is presently stronger than all my enemies / with mention of exceptional weapon perception sensory

Cock it back, watch em freeze
Let it pop, watch em bleed
Till the cops on the scene
And we home countin the green
You better run, you better hide
We at the door, we right outside

Got a call said assemble the troops / said to spit the venom in em let em know we the truth / sometimes I get a little vicious steppin into the booth / eviscerate you little bitches shoulda never let me loose / loose noose around your necks cuz I'm lynchin you motherfuckers / I heard that you's a fake so I'm snitch you motherfuckers / expose you to the game / cuz we different you motherfuckers / I been up at the top ain't catch a glimpse of you motherfuckers. / I don't need to curse to get my point across / all I gotta do is get my boys involved / 45 on my side take it on the jaw / I was only coming for a piece but now I want it all / yall awoke my inner beast and now I'm gettin pissed / I don't listen to the radio cuz all you play is shit / that's why I sound a little bitter when I spit / used to be a conscious rapper now I'm pretty much a dick. / So I'm a take what I got and fuck the game dry / and I'm a bust a bunch of lyrics in they damn eye / and if they seein what I'm sayin and they ask why / every verse I drop is like a diamond in the damn sky. / I'm a shine I don't even gotta try / I don't gotta brag about a bunch of shit to know I'm fly / I don't got to spit a gaggle of contrived punchlines just to prove to everybody I can really fuckin rhyme. / Yall don't even know what rap is / just a bunch of fuckin puppies doin backflips / just a bunch of fuckin puppets but the fact is, I'm too fuckin different to be grouped up with yall asses.

Hook x2

I like the bass drum.

Lyrics CaiNo Music CaiNo
Producer CaiNo

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