Falling Deeper

Song Description

Groovy, moody, mysterious, passionate & sexy. This song has it all; a tight groove and great bass line, tasty keyboard work with sparsely used sound effects but what stands out is an amazing vocal track. One off the smoothest singers you will ever hear, she brings a feeling of yearning and desire to the track and gives it sex appeal!! The song climaxes with a bridge that just blows up! Youll be very surprised where this song goes when you hear the orchestral bridge that leads into the perfect guitar solo. A very pleasing track to listen to; inspirational and almost euphoric, this one will take you on a journey.

Song Length 5:27 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Jazz - Lounge
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Pleasant Subject Long, Searching for Love
Similar Artists Portishead, Zero 7 Language English
Era 2000 and later


Time goes too fast to remember
Im blind from your lies but wont surrender

In a day in a life, what to say how to survive
Empty days and lonely night keep, pulling me closer
Theyre pulling me closer to you

Im fallin deeper, fallin deeper still
But I wont loose the will to survive

Tears are too many to recover
Im in fear, more painful than another

Look at me and lay me down
Go to sleep and pray for dawn
Another time to run and hide but Youre, pulling me closer
Theyre pulling me closer to you

Im fallin deeper, fallin deeper still
But I wont loose the will to survive

Nice dreamy pop. Well sung and a Pro production. Great use of instrumentation that fills the gaps nicely. Enjoyable

Keep up the good work!

You have a great feel to this one,very dreamy and the vocals are stellar,clean and lovely! This could be in a James Bond movie!
LC Team

Wow! It's so great...What an amazing magnetic voice! If it sounded somewhere in the movie - I would get ecstatic pleasure. Have no words...

Pretty voice and well balanced throughout. Lyrically it's simple but effective. Nice dynamic changes.

Great vocals on this one .

Now, this is the way it's done...........Love it......

I love this kind of dream pop...etherial, haunting, soft, with very emotional lyrics. It has a very good melody with captivating orchestration. It's just the kind of mood music to drift into. The vocals compliment the slow atmospheric melody very well. The song keeps my interest and would be a great album cut on an album full of interesting songs like this.

Loved the vibe. Instrumentation and arrangement was nice. Perfect style for this instrumental. Can definitely hear this song in a movie. Great job!

Very enchanting voice and a really cool arrangement. Overall, just a really easy song to listen to.

Nice vibe-easy going and easy listen Unique voice. I was surprised at the the crescendo about 4:00! Nice touch!

I really like it. Great vocals and spacey sound. Solid beat and bass groove. Great climax at the bridge with the guitar solo, toms, strings?

I love the way this song starts with the bubbly sounds, very cool. The female vocals are just so smooth and beautiful. The instrumentation is great and I love the sound of the drums - beautiful song!

Awesome production, great sound, excellent vocals!

Lovely dream-pop/easy listening song with soft and dreamlike vocals. Lyrics are well written and well executed by the vocalist who has a gentle and engaging voice perfect for this genre! Well done!

Good sounding track, really nice vocals. Stripped back instrumentation is effective and the build up into the chorus is nice also. More of a hook here could have the set the track, although the falling deeper lines lull you in. Nice laid back dreamy pop song. Good job!

I really love the vocalist. She's perfect for the song. The tones and textures of the music are really beautiful. There's so many things going on in the song and they all work very well together. Being a Pink Floyd fan, I really like the dreamy synth parts and the cool stutter sax and horn parts.

nice mordern sounding chilled out pop track with some jazz vibes going on underneath the pop outside. good mix and production and dreamy vocals. big rave up guitar solo section rocks the track up before returns to its dreamy state, cool track something can sit back to and enjoy the splendor

Captivating intro that sets the mood very nicely. Excellent tone from the vocalist with good phrasing. The muted trumpet accents over the fast arpeggio synth is a good contrast. The subtle orchestration provides beautiful texture that adds to the "mysterious" mood of the work. Great arrangement that captures the essence of the writing. The break into the powerful middle 8 provides nice drama and dynamics. Excellent work that captivates the listener.

Lovely vocals and melody. The production has a good sound to it. Very smooth

nice vocal, nice chilled feeling to this song, well done

Nicely done! The music is like new age meets blues. The vocals are well done. The tune has definite potential for movie synching. I espcially like the added horn effects and the mystical sound overall. The guitar licks toward the end was awesome.

This was honestly really cool and soothing. I enjoyed it

Yep, I like this!

A very stong song and well produced. Lovely intro. The sultry vocal suits the song. A subtle song yet catchy. It has jazzy elements which I like in a pop song. An unexpected yet welcome guitar solo. I thought 5.38 was going to be too long but there were enough elements and changes to justify its length.

Who is this? Love it. I'll buy the cd now.

Sweet and smooth vocals! Love the electronic instrumentations... Very original!!

A voice and beat that pulls you in like it promises. Dreampop Realized.

Loved the originalality of the song. loved how the song grows. last but not least great vocals.

Very good voice; Smooth & Sexy; lyrics great, Instrumental & redordig is great.

Beautiful song which could work in different genres. I think -Pop/Contemporary, Pop (general), Jazz, Dance. Beautiful vocal, very sad and memorable composition. Instrumental solos are gorgeous as well.

Lyrics Staci Marlo Music David N Haddad - Vache Ter-yegishyan
Producer Dave Haddad Publisher Gruvpig
Performance Dave Haddad - Vache Ter- yegshiyan - Staci Marlo - Derol Caraco - Frank Garrett
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