My Personal Demons

Song Description

Someone haunted/tortured over the loss of someone, made to sound quite literal as done by 'personal demons'

Song Length 4:41 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Frantic, Sadistic Subject Darkness, Sanity/Insanity
Similar Artists Danny Elfman Language English
Era 2000 and later


My Personal Demons

Everytime I go outside all their wings will swing and fight
they carry my thoughts of you and twist my days into a blight. I feel them tapping my shoulders and I feel them tugging the hem of my sleeve, and crawling up under my legs as, im kicking them into the leaves, then I run to the room and duck for the broom while their swinging their pitchforks and burning the tips of my ears Im tired of fear!
I'm tired of running I've got to fight dear!
while they're spinning and flying and flapping
and twirling and laughing and taunting and poking and haunting and twirling and whirling and bouncing and turning and turning some of them freezing and some of them burning
I have my mind set that I'm going to get them, swinging this broom and i'm going to hit them! I've got one to squish him but then they all rush in
I've got to let go and
I fall to the ground and they hack at my ankles, then grab my shoulders
and pull me by my hair

and here we go again....

They carry me off to their lair day by day
and torture me memories of *you* in every way
they're never gonna let me be, they'll always bring me pain
and do such wicked things they've planned in every little way

Like biting and spitting and scratching and wrenching;
pinching and stretching and ripping and cutting; tearing and pulling
they pluck out my eyes, pull of my hands and then sever my thighs,
devils and lemures and demons and goblins and things without eyes;
singing and burning with pitchforks and dancing and laughing and fire!
, turning big cranks they lower me down, crushing my bones, mulching my spine, stretching me out like a torn bit of twine

why won't the memories of you go away!!!!

Slicing and poking and stinging and ripping and tearing and cutting
and breaking and splitting, they pluck out my arms and then suck out my spine,
then shatter my ribs with a hammer of spikes,
pull out my guts from my stomach below
and burn out my heart with a torch and hot coals
wrenching and ripping my knees and my toes, then
sticking my parts on the head on a pole!

They carry me off, through their lair day by day
and toture me with memories of you in every way
they're never gonna let me be, they'll always bring me pain
and do such wicked things they've planned in every little way

Why do you torture me?
Do you think you might can let me go?
She's coming back you know, she's coming back.
She's coming back.
She's never coming back?
She's never coming back??

She's never coming back.

We carry him off through our lair day by day
and torture him with memories of her in every way
we're never gonna let him be we'll always bring him pain
and do such wicked things we plan in every little way

She's never coming back.
Go away.

We'll never go away.

Lyrics Darius Greene Music Darius Greene
Producer Darius Greene Publisher Darius Greene
Performance Darius Greene Label Mousehead Music
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