Song Length 2:46 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Classical - Medieval
Era 2000 and later

What a wonderful flair for pop, drama, and sonic interest! Starting off like droplets, it slips into a storm of terrific classical arrangement. Nothing boring about this tune! Mixed to make it very interesting. The composer shows great versatility. This is a piece that could work almost anywhere in any media. Very nice and professional job!

going into a cave or underground at night good

The vibe really gets cooking as this track builds. I can envision many uses for the track but the strings at :43 are a bit distractive. There is no "hook" per se, which is appropriate for background music, but I would suggest varying the motif that repeats without change throughout the second half. Love the build though, and the energy.

Good sense of atmosphere and drama, perfect for a score.

Great instrumental! Very stark intro that opens up into a great combination of sounds that present a scary, unnerving ambiance. Tension builds in this song. Expertly written and produced. Bravo!

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