New chapter

Song Length 2:52 Genre Classical - Contemporary

I like how the motifs intertwine, and how the piece evolves. Great intro, and the sort of "pre-chorus" that comes in - rich and and almost majestic - just before the 1 minute mark, nice development and contrast there over the pulsing rhythm, pulls it all together very nicely. Love the elevation, and the energy!

Warm atmosphere, the feeling of starting something new. Beautiful harmony and selection of instruments.

This song really brings home a message, i see this playing in a scene in the movie "Contact" as Jody foster comes to a realization about what to do next!

Wow, lovely dynamics in this mix, a lot happening and it's all well "played", well arranged and has very good potential, and nice build helps that...only thing I'd consider is remixing some of the instruments DOWN in volume, it builds nicely but gets just too loud and is a bit overbearing...but maybe I'm deaf? Well done overall!

Good ups and downs. Very emotional. Sometimes less is more and in this case it works.

Very modern classical sound with some interesting changes. The staccato intro and outro set it apart.

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