High On Love

Story Behind The Song

Love Conquers All

Song Length 3:19 Genre Pop - Europop, Pop - Dance
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, On Cloud Nine Subject General, General
Similar Artists Daft Punk, Eiffel 65 Language English
Era 2000 and later


One step is all that it takes
One step to make or to brake
Do you believe

One word to open the
One word with passion and faith
Do you believe
Oh I'm breakin' free

When you're high on love
There's nothing but love on your heart
When you're high on love you love
When you're high on love
Love's gonna conquer the dark
When you're high on love you love
You love...

One kiss and then you will know
One kiss get ready to go
Do you believe

On chance will always appear
One chance can soon disappear
Do you believe
Oh I am breakin' free


Lyrics Miqael Persson, Erik Martensson Music Miqael Persson, Erik Martensson
Publisher MTS Label MTS
This track is on 1 Broadjam Top 10 Lists
Top 10 List Rank
Pop - Europop #2

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